"As a Sunday School Superintendent and a public school teacher, I find these books invaluable aids. The beautiful pictures in themselves tell the stories. No Sunday School teacher or mother should be without these books to help her guide the youngsters who sit at her feet with their eager upturned faces."
Edna R. Ericson
Shelton, Connecticut

"Approximately 30 years ago we purchased a set of Uncle Arthur's Bedtime Stories for our grandson. Now, this week, we just purchased another set of the Bedtime Stories for our two great grandsons, ages 2 1/2 & 4 1/2, who live in Arizona.

These book are very colorful, interesting and the stories are true to life experiences that children of this age can relate to. The moral lessons are very valuable. I also found these books very helpful and enjoyable during storytime when teaching first graders in Spokane Valley public schools for 25 years."
Mrs. H.M. Sanders
Spokane, Washington

"It is my greatest privilege to recommend the Bedtime Stories as the best available at any price. My wife and I used them with our own children - literally wearing them out. All three children are saved, totally dedicated teenage Christian young people actively engaged in seeking the directive will of the Lord."
Lyman Snyder
Education Director
First Baptist Church of Thornton
Thornton, Colorado

"I have no hesitancy in recommending the set of Uncle Arthur's Bedtime Stories. They seem to be a definite improvement over the previous set with which I am familiar since we have a set in our home (Used much and with enjoyment and benefit to the children)."
Harold W. Fowler
Christian Church
Willamina, Oregon

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Uncle Arthur's Bedtime Stories

The Bible Story Uncle Arthur's Bedtime Stories

"Uncle Arthur's Bedtime Stories"
is a 5 volume series of true stories with morals that are fun to listen to
and hard to forget.

Arthur S. Maxwell
gathered stories from his own family, friends, and others he met in his travels.

As he began putting these stories with morals on paper and sharing them, first verbally and then in pamphlet form and then in book form people just clamored for more.

Today there are nearly 200 true stories
each with a moral lesson for kids;
teaching them the values of:
Making wrongs right
Respect for others
Respect for property
Results of Disobedience
Taking Responsibility
and many Biographies
of individuals who became famous
because they learned important lessons
from their discoveries and mistakes in
These stories make learning to do
easy and fun for our children.

Each story is illustrated with outstanding
art in living color by leading artists.

Stories with morals do more than just entertain.
They help parents, grandparents,
teachers, and spiritual leaders with
the job of training up children in the way
they should go.

Each book has a lesson index so you can quickly find a story to fit the occasion. When our children have to be disciplined, the story really helps them to better understand the reason why they were punished.

We all have purchased these little golden books for our children which cost around $5.00.
Each book has only one story that entertains our children
but doesn't teach them to make good choices and to do what's right.

What kind of a price tag can we put on just one right decision or choice in life?
Maybe to say "NO" to drugs or not to commit
a crime that would put our young people
behind bars.

Most parents believe these kind of choices or decisions are priceless
but if we just used $5.00 per story, and there are almost 200 true stories,
each with a character-building lesson
on how to make right choices and decisions.
That would be almost $1000.00
and well worth it
but the

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